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This is the passionate Team running ColossalSlots.com - find out who we are and what are our Values and Principles.

ColossalSlots.com is a review site run by slots experts, fully dedicated to brand new slots and the best casinos where to play them. On this page, we want to tell you who we are and why you can trust us when it comes to online slots.

We have started this site not long ago, it was the beginning of 2020 – driven by the need to start a new project about what we are passionate about… yes, slot machines. You might think that we are very new on the scene. However, what is crucial here is us being a team of slots experts that have been working in the online gambling industry for more than 10 years. That’s why we claim to be experts, and why we believe you can trust us about everything slot-related.

Our Mission

New Slots

new slots

At colossalslots.com we focus on brand new slots. Every month there are dozens of new releases, this is a fast and competitive environment! We keep an eye on all new slot games and select only the very best for our readers.

Top Bonuses

top bonuses

A good bonus can make a real difference while playing slots. We are very attentive and we monitor all top offers out there (they are constantly changing). Ultimately we make a selection of the best casino bonuses for slots lovers.

Best Casino Sites

top casinos

This is probably the most important component of your gaming experience. With so many casino sites available, it’s hard to know what is safe and good and what is not. We only recommend top, those where we like playing ourselves.

We have started this business because we are passionate about online slots. Our goal is to share our knowledge of everything slot-related (innovative games, top bonuses, safe casinos, top providers.. you name it) and be sure that everyone has a safe and fun experience while playing online.

How do we do that? First of all, we use the experience that we have built over the years and we recommend only those slot games and those casinos that offer a high-quality experience. We know what we are talking about and we want to share that knowledge with you.

We have extensive knowledge about everything in the gambling industry. This includes slot providers, the talented people who make online slots, and of course the best casino sites where you can enjoy them. We know that some are safe and serious casino sites, some are not – as much as some slots are worth your time and some are just bad games. Keep with us and you will only spend time with the best games and the best operators on the market.

That’s Us! Meet the Team

Hellen Mattew

Slots Lover, Copywriter & Content Strategist

Hellen is a writer with extensive experience in everything online-gambling related. She is passionate about girly slots and cluster pay ones, and she has written hundreds of reviews over the years. She also makes sure we are consistent with content across the whole site. Over the weekend you might find her hiking.. or maybe lying on her couch reading a book.

Martin McMax

Slots Lover, Designer & Developer

Martin is the tech guy in the team. He is the one responsible for the incredible speed at which the site runs, as well as the funky looks of colossalslots.com. On top of using his ever-growing knowledge about the internet, he contributes by scouting the most innovative games out there. What’s his passion other than slots? You try to guess…

Pat Knights

Slots Lover, Copywriter & SEO expert

Ever been jealous of those people living the van life and surfing waves all over the world? Well.. meet Pat, our SEO expert! On top of being out in the ocean, she is also mega passionate about everything slots. She has written interesting reviews for years and has strong opinions about slots. On top of that, she makes sure that search engines really like our site.

Hello, that’s us, the team at ColossalSlots.com! After many years of working in the online gambling industry, we have decided to start our own project. We love everything about slots and we hope our contribution can be useful to all slots fans out there! We strive to always deliver high-quality reviews and to give you good hints about the best new slots to try. There is so much going on in the online gaming industry, we are sure an expert guide can be very useful.

Our Values



When we write a review, all we have in mind is the quality of the slot we are spinning. If the game makes it to our homepage it means that we have a precise opinion about it we want to share – our judgment is ours only and is formed after actually trying the slot.



We like to be free and stay independent. Our whole work gravitates around freedom: we do what we want, the way we want to do it! Our only organising principle is always striving for quality. We hope you like our approach and our freedom!



We believe trust in humans is one of the few things we own. It’s a matter of how we see life, really. This is a site created by real people for real people, a place to share our passion for online slots. There is nothing more important to us than staying true and honest.

While reviewing new online slots, we stick to some fundamental values that are very important to us. In our view, there is no good work that escapes these principles. This is all the more important when it comes to intangible experiences such as online gambling.

What is our Approach to Reviewing Online Slots?

Each morning we open our laptops to discover a world of news. New titles are announced by talented producers around the world, new high-quality online slots have finally been released, new casino bonuses are available to slot lovers. How do we do our job of selecting among all of this novelty?

One of the first things you should know is that we go through everything. We have a look at all news, we try all new slots, we spend hours spinning demos and looking at teasers. This is fun, even tho sometimes it can be frustrating (and surely it is time-consuming).

As you know, we really want to select only the best slot games that will be fun for our readers. And that’s when our experience and intuition comes in useful. We select only games that are going to be fun for you, and those that will be important over the years. Sometimes we get it very wrong, but most of the time our instinct for a good slot proves right!

Once the selection process is finished, we write our full review. Sometimes we are lucky enough to hear some rumours about brilliant providers and their new releases.. in that case, we share the information with you with a preview (it’s like a sneak peek) of the game. We will complete the review when the provider releases further info.

Licensed Casinos and Providers Only

We are all aware that the internet can be a dangerous place, especially when it comes to spending real money. It is simple to create an illegal site with a flashy design and attractive offers. That’s one more reason why you should always know who you are dealing with before you open an account on a new website.

Starting from these basic assumptions, at ColossalSlots.com we write and review only slots that are produced by licenced providers. On top of that, all the casino sites you see on our pages are completely safe and legit. They hold licenses from some of the most strict jurisdictions around the globe and are run by trustworthy companies.

Responsible Gaming

We share our passion for online slots with the world, trusting all our readers with responsible gaming. What does this mean? First of all, it means that online gambling is just one of the ways you use for having a good time and relax after a long day. you have other passions as well, and you understand these are just games, stuff that you use for having fun. Slot machines are by no means tools for making money.

This approach implicates a few practical rules you should always follow. Firstly, only gamble money you can afford to lose. It is no myth that the casino, in the end, always wins. So be careful with your budget. Secondly, watch out for the amount of time you are spending on online games and what are your feelings about them. If you feel that online gambling is having the best of you, do not hesitate to seek help. There are expert people that have the tools and knowledge for helping you – their logos are visible on the footer of our site.

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