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What are Bonus Buy Slots?

Bonus Buy slots are innovative games that have something special to offer, direct access to the free spins bonus round.

If you are an experienced player, you know that much of the gameplay unroll while waiting for the bonus round. Slots are literally a game of patience and waiting, the great reward is there, just a few spins away!

The Free Spins special feature, or the bonus round the slot promises, is what everyone is really waiting for.

Not long ago, the ground-breaking developer of new online slots, Big Time Gaming, has come up with the innovative concept of buying your way into the free spins bonus round. They tried it with White Rabbit Megaways™ and the feature has proved a success. It is now one of the most popular among slots fans.

Keep reading and find out all you need to know about the special feature!

Best Casino Sites to Play Bonus Buy Slots

Casino bonuses updated on the: Jul 17, 2024
+ 100% Bonus up to €/$123 and 10% Cashback Always!
100% UP TO €/$111
+111 Free Spins & 10% Cashback Always!
+10% Cashback Always on lost deposits!

Bonus Buy Slots Demo Free Play

We always recommend you try your favourite games in the Free Play Demo version before you start playing with the best real money casinos (or even before you use one of your precious bonuses for online slots).

If you click on the list of online slots with Feature drop you find at the beginning of this page, you can access their full review. This comes with a Free Demo version of the game, we recommend you spend some time with it. This way, you can understand how the slot works, how you can cash in the prizes on offer and what the special features are. At this point, you can also try the Bonus Buy feature for free and see how it works.

Curious about Feature Drop slots? Here you find one of our favourite ones, Buffalo Rising Megaways™. Trying the demo version you see here is completely free, make the most of it!

Bonus Buy/Feature Drop Slots explained

buffalo rising bonus buy slot

Now let’s get to the heart of the matter. How do Bonus Buy slots work?

At first sight, this special kind of online slots are very similar to all other you might have tried before. They are new, innovative slots, their look and feel is exactly what you might imagine. Sleek and luscious visuals, smooth animations and perfect UX from all devices.

Together with their perfect production, these games offer (of course) a Free Spins feature or a Bonus Round. Something special that is triggered randomly during basegame and changes the slot into bonus mode.

Usually, you trigger the bonus round with a certain number of scatters falling on your reels. This is the way most online slots work. Other times you have to create a certain number of consecutive winning reactions. In some games (for example in Infinity Reels Slots) you have to create a winning combo with a special symbol.

As we mentioned earlier, slots are games that create tension and expectation. It’s all about the Bonus Round! It is true tho, the magic does not happen very often. There is no way to predict when you will trigger the free spins feature, and the wait for it might be very long. Sometimes you might get frustrated at waiting for the bonus round and just leave without fully experiencing the potential of the game.

This is why BTG has created this special feature, now replicated in dozens of online slots. Thanks to the bonus buy feature, you can buy your way into the Bonus Round anytime! Just click the Bonus Buy button next to the reels (usually on the left side of the game area) in order to begin your adventure.

Who invented Feature Drop Slots?

bonus buy slots

Feature Drop Slots have been invented by Big Time Gaming, the Australian provider who is responsible for so much of what’s going on in the slots world lately.

Officially, the first release featuring Bonus Buy slots is BTG’s White Rabbit Megaways in 2017. Nobody ever thought there would be a solution to the frustration of players waiting for the bonus round. Sometimes triggering the Free Spins feature (this is what slots are all about!) can take hundreds of spins. Feature drop slots give everyone a chance, if. they are willing to pay the price they can experience the bonus round at any time!

Since then, the feature has been reproduced in many different games, including many Megaways Slots™ developed by Big Time Gaming as well as other providers. Later on, the long list of feature drop slots has kept growing; many other quality providers use it, like NetEnt, Relax Gaming, Blueprint Gaming, NoLimitCity and more.

How to play Bonus Buy Slots for Real Money

Now you know all the theory about Bonus Buy/Feature Drop slots. What you are missing is practise! Follow our step-by-step guide and learn how to play feature drop slots in just a few minutes.


Pick your favourite Feature Drop Slot

Since the debut of this special feature in 2017 with the release of White Rabbit Megaways there has been a lot of special releases featuring Bonus Buy. You can find our selection of Feature Drop slots on this page, have a look at it and pick the innovative game you like best.

Pick your favourite bonus buy slot

Read our Review

Now it’s time to learn everything about the slot you are most curious about. In order to do just that, we invite you to read our detailed reviews. You can learn everything you need to know about the game.

thor infinity reels

Play Bonus Buy Slots Free with Demo

Bonus Buy slots are fun to play, as you can access the Free Spins bonus round anytime, no need to wait for the game to randomly award it! Before you start playing for Real Money we highly recommend you try the Demo version of the game. This way you can learn how the Bonus Buy feature works without spending any money.

Play Free with Demo

Choose a safe Casino for Real Money Play

Now you are all set for playing your favourite Feature Drop slot. What you are missing now is a trustworthy casino where you can play real money. On our site you find our expert selection of online casinos. Read our full reviews, and pick the one that perfectly suits your style.

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Enjoy your favourite Bonus Buy slot for Real Money

Once you have created an account and got your bonus you are ready for real money play. Remember that Feature Buy slots can be very expensive. Watch out for your budget and play responsibly.

Play your favourite slot real money

How much does the feature cost?

Something to be really careful about is the cost of the feature. Direct access to the free spins bonus round is very tempting, however, it might be quite expensive.

We highly recommend you play responsibly, and always gamble only money you can afford to lose. If you decide you want to try the Bonus Buy feature, keep in mind there is no guarantee you will cash in a special price. On top of that, the feature does not guarantee you will break even with the money you spent.

If you are tired of waiting for that bonus to drop on your reels, you might want to try the feature drop. Beware, if Lady Luck is not on your side you might lose a lot within a short period of time. This is why providers usually set a higher RTP for the bonus round. However, there is no guaranteed return for this kind of operation.

Different Formulas for Feature Drop slots

thor infinity reels

Now, let’s have a look at the amounts you might spend for dropping those scatters on your reels.

  • 50x-100x the stake: the provider Big Time Gaming invented the feature, which was first seen in their 2017 release White Rabbit Megaways™. They set a standard 50x-100x the stake for the feature drop bonus. This is what you would pay in slots such as Buffalo Rising Megaways™ or Giza Infinity Reels™.
  • Higher Price: there are some slots that ask for even higher prices than 100x the stake. In order to access the bonus round, some slots ask for much more than that. Be careful with your budget before you decide to walk this path.
  • Different Options: some slots, like Vikings Unleashed Megaways™, offer different options for your bonus round. Feature drop might have different costs for different options. A basic free spins feature with 5 spins might cost x50 the stake, while 12 free spins cost x200 the stake. This might be interesting for those who want to try what the feature is without spending too much.
  • Bonus is not guaranteed: in some feature drop slots, such as Genie Jackpots Megaways™, the bonus round is not guaranteed, even with the bonus buy feature. This is because by buying the feature drop, you go to the bonus round that will determine the number of spins and win multiplier (usually a wheel bonus round). At this point, there is a chance that you miss the bonus round altogether, as you might get no free spins at all.

As you can see, the feature works in many different ways. Be sure you know what you’re doing before you invest 50x-100x the stake (or even more) in a feature drop option. The feature might be a risky one, but it is also a very exciting opportunity for experiencing the bonus round!

The Best Bonus Buy Slots according to our Experts

Here is a list of top Feature Drop slots, selected by our team of experts. We selected these games because they offer our the Bonus Buy feature, plus that special something. This is of course our own selection, and it might change over time.

5. Genie Jackpots Megaways™

genie jackpots

Genie Jackpots Megaways™ is one of the most popular Megaways Slots™ ever released. Developed by Blueprint Gaming, the slot is packed with bonus features: 5 different reel modifiers, a bonus game that opens the free spins session and, of course, the Bonus Buy feature.

The slot has been one of the favourite ones among Megaways fans for months and has never lost its charm. The genie theme is one of the most popular among slots fans all over the world, and Genie Jackpots Megaways™ is one of our favourites ones ever. There is constant action, high volatility and an RTP of 96.52% to keep you holding your breath. Just remember that the bonus buy feature does not guarantee free spins!

4. White Rabbit Megaways™

white rabbit megaways

Released in 2017, White Rabbit Megaways™ is the very first slot to offer the Bonus Buy feature. For the very first time, Big Time Gaming has released the Feature Drop functionality, with great success among players. Now the feature has spread across the online slots world and is one of the most looked-for by experienced players.

On top of introducing one of the most important innovations in online gaming in the last couple of years, White Rabbit Megaways™ offers a great gameplay, fantastic visuals and design and a breath-taking bonus round with expanding reels. Not satisfied? The RTP is 97.72%, one of the highest in the whole Megaways series.

3. Thor Infinity Reels™

thor infinity reels™ bonus buy slot

This is one of the latest games in the Infinity Reels™ series. After the success of Odin Infinity Reels™ Megaways™, the son of the God of Wind comes about for another epic battle. This time there is even more pathos, with a battle backdrop, dramatic animations and an overall grim look and feel.

What we’re interested in, is of course the possibility of buying in the special feature. Here you can access the Free Spins bonus round and buy the exact number of spins you want. Each spin is worth x100 the stake. Good luck!

2. Buffalo Rising Megaways™

feature drop slots buffalo rising

This slot has become a true classic in the past few years, surely it is one of our favourites online slots ever! Developed by Blueprint Gaming, Buffalo Rising Megaways™ explores the buffalo theme with freedom and courage. If you are a fan of the genre like we are, you cannot miss this game!

On top of having a fantastic design and running on the ground-breaking Megaways engine, Buffalo Rising has a lot more to offer. You can trigger the Free Spins bonus round with a price of x100 the stake. Four diamonds then fall on the reels and you land on a screen where you can choose among 4 different possibilities. There are a different number of spins and different win multipliers you can start from, and, on top of that, a mystery option (our favourite).

1- Extra Chilli Megaways™

feature drop slots

This slot is such a classic by now, we feel it sous not need any further introductions.

In Extra Chilli Megaways™ the feature drop works in a slightly different way. While you spin the innovative slot with a Mexican flavour, you will collect golden coins that get dropped in a pot. The price of the pot is progressively reduced until it gets to zero. At this point, you can click on the Bonus Buy button and get your special feature!

Why is the feature banned in the UK?

There has been quite a controversy about Bonus Buy slots and online gambling games. The problem is that a vulnerable player might get carried away by buying into the special feature. Thus spending huge amounts in a very short time. This is of course true, and we have warned you about being responsible with your balance over and over this article.

Because of the reasons we just explained, the UK Gambling Commission has banned the feature in the UK. This is not available to all British players, who will not find the Bonus Buy button on the right side of their reels. In opposition to this decision by the British gambling authority, many experts argue that most players spend just the same amounts (and even more) in chasing the bonus round.


The Bonus Buy feature is one of the latest inventions in the online world. Developed by Big Time Gaming and first released in 2017 with White Rabbit Megaways™, the feature has proved so popular it has been adopted in dozens of other games. It is something so revolutionary that many players now look only for slots that include this very special feature.

We love Feature Drop/Bonus Buy slots because they give any player a chance of experiencing the bonus round. Sometimes the most exiting experience in the game does not happen, or gets triggered after hundreds of spins. Thanks to the Bonus Buy feature it is available automatically, no need to wait forever! Yes, slots are games of long waits and high expectations, but this feature is great because it creates a more fluid experience.

We can never recommend enough to be responsible with your betting here, as it might be easy to get carried away and bet huge amounts in a short amount of time. Always play responsibly and only bet money you can afford to lose.

Feature Drop Slots – F.A.Q

Bonus Buy Slots are innovative games that can be found only in the best online casinos. Our team of experts is constantly trying and testing innovative Bonus Buy casinos, what they recommend is: All British Casino, Fun Casino, and Race Casino.

Bonus Buy/Feature Drop slots are special games that let you buy in the special feature. No need to wait for those four scatters to land on your reels. With this feature you can trigger the bonus round whenever you want, but beware, it might be expensive (50x-100x the stake).

This is a variable. Regular Feature Drop slots cost around 50x-100x the stake. However, there are some games that cost much more and others that do not even guarantee entrance to the Free Spins Bonus Round. We highly recommend you to be careful with your budget.

Bonus Buy slots are so many, there is always something a new hype and a great release around the corner. However, there are some that our team of experts really love: Buffalo Rising Megaways, Thor Infinity Reels and White Rabbit Megaways just to name a few.

The UKGB, the gambling authority operating in Great Britain argues that the Bonus Buy feature might be dangerous for vulnerable players. It might lead to spend huge amounts in a very short time span. We highly recommend to play responsibly, and enjoy the feature while respecting your budget.

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