Top Casino Bonuses

Find the best Casino Bonus for slots players. Our Guide to Top Promotions for playing New Online Slots Real Money with Bonus.

Playing online slots with the most competitive Casino Bonus can be a thrill. Using the promotions offered by top Slots Sites can lead to a longer and much rewarding experience with your favorite games.

A bigger bankroll gives you the chance of trying your favourite games for free and for a longer time. This might result in more wins in the long run. Keep reading and find out all you need. to know about casino bonuses and promotions.

First things first, the online casino you choose for your gaming experience makes the whole difference. New slots sites are the ones that usually guarantee the most competitive offers (yes, they have to attract new players!) but they might also be the most difficult to trust.

Our team of experts is constantly on the lookout for new online casinos offering all the ingredients for the perfect gaming experience. First of all security, but also a huge selection of games, great customer service, and generous promotions.

We update our selection of casino bonuses weekly, offering you our selection by experts of top online casino sites available to slots lovers. We recommend you read our full reviews before you register. Pick the bonus that suits your style and enjoy your favourite new slots for real money in no time!

Best Casino Sites to Play Slot Games

Casino bonuses updated on the: Jul 18, 2024
+ 100% Bonus up to €/$123 and 10% Cashback Always!
100% UP TO €/$111
+111 Free Spins & 10% Cashback Always!
+10% Cashback Always on lost deposits!

Different kind of Casino Bonuses you can enjoy

If you are familiar with online casinos, you have surely noticed that there are plenty of offers available to slots fans.

Different bonuses work in a different way, make sure you understand how they work before you start playing. Read Terms and Conditions and always make sure you are up to speed with what is going to happen once you have accepted the bonus.

Now let’s have a look at different casino bonuses available to you.

Welcome Bonus

Usually, this is the most exciting offer you will get whit online casino sites. The welcome bonus is the promotion designed to attract new players to the site, therefore it is always quite juicy.

You receive this bonus upon signing up for a new online casino, and the best thing about it is that it is always different. All online casinos have a different formula, this is why it is important that you read reviews and compare what’s on the table.

Some slots sites offer a combination of a match bonus and free spins, others cashback with no wagering, others special offers, and so on. Pick the promotion that perfectly suits your style and enjoy it!

Free Spins

This is the perfect bonus for slots lovers. As you might guess from its name, free spins is a promotion that allocates a certain number of spins to players. You can spin your favorite games for free!

Usually, the offer is dedicated to one special slot you can spin for free. Two of the most popular ones are Starburst or Book of Dead. However, every online casino has different offers, and they can pick any slot for their free spins offer. On the other hand, sometimes you can spin any slot you like. For example, the mega-famous Megaways Slots.

Free spins bonuses work in a different way, again we recommend you always read terms and conditions before you accept one. However, there are usually some common traits to them. There is a fixed stake and a max amount that can be won with the bonus. On top of that, wagering requirements are usually quite high (x35-x45), that’s why we like using this bonus for entertainment only.

Match Bonus

This is one of our favorite promotions. It is pretty simple and it is quite common to get one in the welcome bonus offer.

Match bonuses work this way: they multiply your first deposit by a certain coefficient, for example, 100% or 200% (up to 400% and everything in between).

This is one of the most convenient bonus offers in general, as it allows you to have a fun credit to play with. The real money credit and the fun credit are separate, and they do not function in the same way! Your fun credit is subject to wagering, usually a quite high one (up to x45). Once again, we recommend you use this credit for trying your favorite games and having lots of fun.

Remember the match bonus is a sort of passe-partout within the online casino you have selected. It can be used for slots as well as games subject to bonus restrictions, such as live casino games. Make the most of it.

No Deposit Bonus

No Deposit bonuses are very popular among new players. This bonus has a great appeal, as it gives you the chance of playing with a free credit. Differently from the match bonus we have just seen, No Deposit Bonus allocates a bonus without you depositing a single cent.

This is a great opportunity for trying all your favourite slots for free, and win real money. You won’t even need to type in your credit card details for enjoying the thrill of playing slots in top online casinos.

However, we recommend you check terms and conditions of all No Deposit bonuses you might want to accept. The truth about those bonuses is that wagering requirements are usually very high. With such a high playtrough, you might have a very hard time winning real money. That said, enjoy your bonus and have fun!

Cashback Bonus

Many online casinos, both established brands and new sites, are now offering cashback offers. This is because more and more slot fans have understood how convenient this bonus is.

In top online casinos, cashback works the same way as it does in real life. When you spend a certain amount of money on the services offered, you get some of that money back.

This is the same for top slots sites. the conditions might differ, but there is a lot to gain from receiving part of your money back after your gaming session.

The real money you bet on your favorite online games gets straight back to your account. Some of the online casinos we love the most (e.g. Fun Casino) gives 10% back every day, with no wagering requirements. This is just one example of the many available to you, look at our comparisons and find out what suits you best.

VIP Bonus

This is a special kind of bonus, designed for VIPs. A special rewards program for high-rollers, those players who like betting high sums. We like to remind you that high-rollers have the budget to do so. The first rule of online gambling is always betting money you can afford to lose.

What’s in store for VIPs? Every online casino offering this sort of promotion has a different plan. Some offer special offers, enhanced bonuses, or access to restricted tournaments. Other online casinos offer a dedicated support team, special prizes and gifts, and so on.

Special Offers

You have enjoyed your welcome bonus offer, what now? If you sign up in one of our recommended online casinos, there is a lot more on offer.

Top slots sites offer daily special offers to their players. challenges, tournaments, special prizes are just some examples.

There is no need to constantly switch from one online casino to the other, chasing the best welcome bonus offer. Have a better look at bonuses and promotions offered by top online casinos and you will find out there is a lot to be gained!

Reward Plans

These kinds of bonuses are in place to offer a fantastic gaming experience to those players who are regulars in their online casinos. There is not only the welcome bonus offer to enjoy, there is a lot more to be gained by gambling in the same online casino.

And yes, reward plans work exactly like the ones of supermarkets. If you sign up for one, you will be awarded a certain amount of special points every time you play one of your favorite games for real money.

The more points you collect, the more prizes you get. Rewards differ from one online casino to the other (always read t&c) and might be cash prizes, special bonus offers, and so on.

How to Get your Casino Bonus in 5 steps

Get your Casino Bonus in a few easy steps and enjoy your favourite slots.


Read our Reviews and select the perfect Online Casino

This is a crucial step in your gaming experience. Read our reviews and find out one online casino that offers everything you are looking for. There are so many different bonuses you will surely find the one that suits you best.

Choose a casino

Create an Account

Once you have read our reviews and you have found a great online casino, it’s time to open an account. Just click on the REGISTER button and fill in your personal details. No worries about privacy, the slots sites you find on our pages are 100% trustworthy.

Create an account

Your first Deposit

Once your account has been created, the next step is depositing some real money. This is a requirement for getting your welcome bonus, usually the minimum amount is £/€10-20. Some online casinos activate a No Deposit bonus, in this case you can enjoy it without the mime deposit requirement.

first deposit

Follow the Instructions and Get Your Bonus

Everything is set for you to have your bonus. You have an account and you have deposited real money. All you have to do now is following the instructions of the online casino. Usually you receive an email that explains the steps for activating the bonus – online casinos keep it simple, usually this is done in a few clicks.

get your bonus

Enjoy your favourite Slots with Bonus

Your mission is complete, now you can enjoy your favourite slots with Match Bonus, Free Spins, Cashback or No Deposit Bonus (or a special offer!). Make the most of your free credits and enjoy yourself!

enjoy online slots real money

Rules and Restrictions around Bonuses

As you might imagine, there are a lot of rules around bonuses and promotions. Online casinos do not scam players (they are regulated by the law, remember), and you will get the bonus they advertise.

However, a 100% bonus on your first deposit does not equal a doubled-up bankroll in real money. It means something different. Here are some quick points you should always keep in mind when accepting a bonus.

  • Fun Credit and Real Money credit are different: it does sound obvious, we know. However, we think it’s important to stress this point: when you accept a bonus that awards a fun credit, you will get two different amounts on your account, real money credit, and bonus credit. The fun credit is subject to wagering requirements and all other t&c stated by the casino.
  • (Almost) all bonuses are subject to wagering requirements: this means that (unlike real money credit) your fun balance cannot be withdrawn as soon as you receive it. In order to win real money from your bonus, you have to bet and win it several times. The exact number is stated in t&c, and it usually between x25-x45.
  • Bonuses might have Time limits: something more you should be attentive to. Some promotions expire within a week, some others within 30 days. Watch out for this detail in order to avoid disappointment.
  • And also Win limits: all bonuses, especially those applied to online slots, have a max win limit. This means that if you win big at your favorite slot while playing with a bonus, you might get just the maximum sum stated in t&c.
  • Promotions change: online casinos work at internet speed. By this, we mean that everything changes very quickly. That’s why we recommend you don’t wait too much before accepting an interesting promotion, it might not be there next week.

Top Bonuses for playing online: our conclusions

One of the great advantages of online gambling is having the chance of playing for free with a bonus. Can you imagine stepping into a land-based casino and trying all games for free before betting real money? We love casino bonuses and promotions, however, we understand there might be some confusion about the way they work and about the actual possibilities they give.

Playing slots real money with bonus is a great opportunity for enjoying your favourite games. You can be carefree about your bankroll and try around until you find a game you really like. Sometimes you might even win real money thanks to bonuses and promotions.

In our opinion top bonuses for playing slots are Free Spins, Cashback and Match bonus. These are great promotions to look for while choosing a new online casino. they are usually offered as a welcome bonus for new players. On top of that, watch out for slots tournaments and special offers, they are also great ways of cashing in real money prizes!

In general, we believe that bonuses and promotions contribute to a better gaming experience in top slots sites. However, we cannot stress enough the importance of checking terms and conditions before you accept any of those bonuses and promotions. Time limits, max win limits, and wagering requirements must be crystal clear before you accept any promotions.

Casino Bonuses – F.A.Q.

Our team of experts tries and tests top online casinos for playing online slots free with bonus. At the moment, top slots sites for enjoying the best bonuses are: Fun Casino, All British Casino and

We believe that among the many bonuses and promotions available to slots fans, there are some that are better for slots than others. We like playing slots. With Free Spins bonus, Match bonus and Cashback Bonus. These promotions really create a fantastic gaming experience!

Free Spins bonus is a promotion that is usually available when you sign up for a new casino. On top of being the perfect welcome bonus, it is also common in special offers and promotions for regular players. What you get is a certain number of free spins at one or more slots of the casino. A great opportunity for slots fans!

Yes you can. However, you should keep in mind that bonuses are fun credits that are not meant to be withdrawn as soon as they are received. You will need to bet and win those sums a certain number of times, according to wagering requirements. You fin these important details in bonus terms&conditions.

There are some restrictions to bonuses and promotions you should look out for. We strongly recommend. You read bonus t&c before accepting any promotion. What you should be aware of is: wagering requirements, time limits and max wins. Allowed with the bonus. This will surely avoid future disappointments!

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