Infinity reels slots catalogue

What are Infinity Reels Slots?

One of the latest innovative engines to grab everybody’s attention are Infinity Reels™ Slots. Released by ReelPlay, the ground-braking engine has the potential for becoming the next big thing in online slots.

Why? There are many simple reasons, as they offer a great visual experience, infinite potential for big wins, symbol multipliers, and an x888 jackpot!

infinity reels™ slots

Here is our complete guide to Infinity Reels™ slots, new online slots with infinite win potential! Keep reading and find out how they work, why they carry an infinite win potential, and how you can win big with these games!

Play Infinity Reels Slots Real Money in Top Online Casinos

As online gambling experts, one of our missions is to provide you with all the tools you need for having a great gaming experience. The first thing you need for fully enjoying online slots is one of the best new slots sites. We are experienced players, that’s why we know that finding such an online casino is no easy task.

Playing real money in a new slot site is great, as new online casinos offer more opportunities and great bonuses. However, the offer for new casino sites is huge, how to find one that you can really trust?

This is where we step in. Our team of online gambling experts is constantly trying and testing new online casinos. Here is their selection of online casinos, updated weekly. The qualities they look for? These licensed casinos are 100% safe and trustworthy, offer great customer service, have a huge online slots selection. On top of that, they offer great bonuses and promotions!

Best Casino Sites to Play Infinity Reels Slots

Casino bonuses updated on the: Jun 15, 2024
+ 100% Bonus up to €/$123 and 10% Cashback Always!
100% UP TO €/$111
+111 Free Spins & 10% Cashback Always!
+10% Cashback Always on lost deposits!

Complete list of Infinity Reels™ Slots

Game RTP Max Win Release
Book of Ultimate Infinity 96.50% £/€250.000 December 2020
El Dorado Infinity Reels™ 96.60% 24,056x March 2021
Emerald’s Infinity Reels™ 96.54% 357.65x November 2019
Gargoyle Infinity Reels™ 95.76% 20.000x February 2021
Gems Infinity Reels 96.26% 2.000x June 2021
Giza Infinity Reels 96.57% 1245.65x April 2020
Golden Haul Infinity Reels 96.20% 1,541x June 2021
Hypernova Infinity Reels 95.10% 2.000x TBA
Martian Miner Infinity Reels 96,04% 1.000x June 2021
Odin Infinity Reels Megaways 96.18% 20,000x July 2020
Olympus Infinity Reels Megaways™ 96.59% 1.845x June 2021
Royal Dragon Infinity Reels™ 96.54% 2.652x February 2021
Thor Infinity Reels 96.20% 6055.95x February 2021
Tiki Infinity Reels Megaways 96.07% 10,000x November 2020
Zodiac Infinity Reels 95.57% 3956.4x March 2021

The first game in the Infinity Reels™ series is El Dorado Infinity Reels™, released by ReelPlay in 2020. Since then, many other games have been released. Happily for us, the famous series counts almost a dozen titles.

Moreover, there are some very interesting collaborations to be taken into account. It is interesting to see that Among the titles in the series, more than one merges the Infinity Reels™ mechanic together with the Megaways engine. Here is the updated list of Infinity Reels Slots.

How to start playing Infinity Reels Slots in minutes

Infinity Reels Slots are some of the most innovative games available to slots fans. Want to try the thrill of playing for real money? Here is our step-by-step guide on how to do that. It only takes a few minutes!


Pick Your favourite Infinity Reels slot

On this page you find the complete list of Infinity Reels slots. These games offer a brand new slot mechanic and great gameplay with infinite win potential. There are just a few titles to choose from, have a good look and pick the slot that is more interesting to you.

Pick your favourite slot

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You can start from a simple assumption: Infinity Reels slots share common features like high quality visuals and a fast-paced gameplay. Read our full reviews and find out all special features of single games, find out the one that suits your style perfectly.

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Play Demo version

This is an optional step, but we highly recommend it. On our site, and in the best online casinos, you can play online slots for free with demo. This means you can try the game without spending a cent, understanding all special features on offer and getting confident with the Infinity Reels mechanic.

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Pick and online casino and get your Bonus

If you are sure about your choice, you can now play real money in one of our selected slots sites. These online casinos have been selected by our team of experts for you to play real money in a safe and fun environment. You can register in minutes and get your bonus for playing real money.

get your Bonus

Enjoy Infinity Reels Real Money

Now you’re all set. You have picked your slot, your bonus and you are ready to play Infinity Reels slots real money. Enjoy their infinite win potential and good luck!

Play infinity reels real money

Infinity Reels Slots Explained: how do they work?

Now let’s get to the important point. How do Infinity Reels work and what’s new with these games?

Let’s start from the assumption that you will need 5 adjacent symbols anywhere in view in order to create a winning combo. When the magic happens, you get a symbol multiplier and the slot expands with one extra reel on the right. And the feature continues for as long as you create consecutive winning combinations!

Let’s see the innovative elements you can find here:

  • Expanding Reels: in many occasions, we have seen slots expanding vertically (one of our favorites? White Rabbit Megaways), this time they expand horizontally. There is no max number of reels that can be potentially added to the right.
  • High Volatility: like in Megaways Slots, these games are highly volatile. This means that you might get to spin them quite a few times before hitting a win. However, when you do, you will win big.
  • Infinite Win Potential: while playing these games, you know they have an infinite potential for big wins. This is very exciting, however, the reality is they rarely go past the 8-10 extra reels.

Special Features

tiki infinity reels jackpot

Every type of game has its trademark features. Here there are many: one is of course the high quality of imagery and the fantastic visual experience on offer. Here are a few more in Infinity Reels™ slots that make them stand out from the crowd:

  • Infinite Extra Reels: these games start from a 3×3 or 3×4 grid but they have an infinite potential for extra reels to be added on the right side of the game area. This is a fantastic opportunity for players, that can hit big wins.
  • Symbol Multiplier: every time you hit a winning combination of 5 symbols in a row, you add an extra reel. On top of that, the symbol multiplier increases its value by 1, you will cash in a higher prize.
  • x888 Jackpot: this is a custom feature of every slot in the series. If you trigger 12 consecutive winning combos you will unlock the jackpot! The value of the jackpot is x888 the stake.
  • Free Spins Feature: this is the most important part of the gaming experience for most slot lovers. You will need 4 scatter symbols to trigger the bonus round. You will carry over your symbol multiplier and you will have the chance of gambling your wins!
  • Buy-a-Bonus Feature: introduced in Megaways Slots, this feature is now just so important. Tired of waiting for those 4 scatters to trigger the bonus round? You can buy you access to it but beware. You might have to pay up to x100 the stake.

Best Infinity Reels Slots

Since the debut of Infinity Reels™, ReelPlay has released a handful of games running on this engine. These games have some features in common:

  • Top-Notch Design and UX: a great experience from all devices is just so important. Infinity Reels Slots are created with the latest technology, you can be sure you can enjoy them from all devices.
  • Great Visual Experience: all slots in this innovative series offer a fantastic visual experience. We are talking about great color palettes, flawless animations, incredible imagery, and backdrops.
  • Fast-Paced Action: we are now used to a faster gaming experience. That’s exactly what Infinity Reel slots offer: spins are fast and effective and there is always something happening.
  • Huge Potential for Big Wins: these slots run on a math model that increases the number of reels on the screen. No max number of reels can be achieved, resulting in an infinite potential for huge wins.

Now that you know the basics of Infinity Reels slots, let’s have a look at the best titles out there.

El Dorado Infinity Reels

el dorado infinity reels™ logo

This is the debut of Infinity Reels™ in the online slots world. El Dorado Infinity Reels™ was released in 2020 by ReelPlay and has been a big hit ever since. The slot has introduced the new engine to players around the world, collecting praise and putting ReelPlay on the map of the online gambling industry.

This game explores a theme that is quite popular among slots lovers, the search for El Dorado treasure. This has been seen before in many popular online slots, like Gonzo’s Quest or Aztec Gold Megaways™. These are just a few examples of the popular theme, which is repurposed here with great success.

What’s new with this slot? El Dorado introduces the new features of Infinity Reels™ for the first time. We are talking about symbol multipliers, the innovative engine, and x888 jackpot.

Odin Infinity Reels Megaways

odin infinity reels™ logo

This is the first time two of the most innovative engines out there have been merged. We are talking about Infinity Reels and Megaways Slots™. The two engines have been merged here to create a unique gaming experience. The experiment has been so successful it has been repeated a few months later with Tiki Infinity Reels Megaways.

What are you going to experience with this game? Here you will try the thrill of Megaways plus the infinite potential for big wins of Infinity Reels™. Symbol Multipliers, Jackpots and Free Spins Bonus Rounds are active, you won’t have any time to get bored with this game.

Once again, the slot explores a very popular theme in online slots. Odin and Thor are some of the most popular nordic gods in online-slots culture. Here Odin is more dramatic than ever, thanks to dark backgrounds and epic animations. The quality of production, including imagery, soundscape and animations is very high, confirming ReelPlay as one of the best slots providers in the world.

Zodiac Infinity Reels

odin infinity reels™ logo

We really like this slot, as it is set in an unusual backdrop, the star signs of the Zodiac wheel. Here you can enjoy the magic and mystery of star signs together with the innovative potential of the Infinity Reels engine.

Upon opening the game, you can choose your favourite star sign. This will become one of the special symbols of the slot, allowing you to win big thanks to your lucky star sign! We don’t know many slots that use the Zodiac-theme so well, Zodiac Infinity Reels has it all: a fast-paced rhythm, fantastic visuals and backdrop, an innovative mechanic, and an x888 jackpot. We couldn’t ask for more!


Are Infinity Reels™ going to be the next big thing on online slots? Probably so.

We love these games because they bring innovation to a highly competitive environment. Infinite Reels Slots have many outstanding qualities: top-notch design and a delightful visual experience. Fast-paced action paired with a huge win potential: expanding reels and win multipliers are just great! On top of that, these games have a x888 jackpot and many bonus features that create even more exciting gaming sessions.

What are the downsides of Infinity Reels™? Despite their huge potential, they are highly volatile and you will spend most of your spins looking at a 3×3 or 3×4 grid slot. Reels do not expand as often as you would expect and the general gameplay can be a bit dull. However, when reels do actually expand create a very interesting gameplay. The result is worth the wait!

Infinity Reels Slots – F.A.Q.

Infinity Reels slots can be enjoyed in top slots sites around the globe. Our team of experts selects the best online casinos for playing innovative online slots. Right now, the best ones to play Infinity Reels slots with bonus are Fun Casino, All British Casino and

This is a brand new slots engine which has an infinite potential for big wins. This is because every time you hit a win (this is done with 5 identical adjacent symbols anywhere in view) a new reel appears on the right side of the game and you have one more chance of hitting a win. On top of that, symbol multipliers, jackpot and free spins bonus help creating a fantastic gaming experience.

These slots are great because they have an infinite win potential. There is no maximum number of reels you can add to your base game. We love games that carry the possibility of big wins, it’s just great to play in this setting. On top of that, Infinity Reels slot have a great UX design, sound effects and animations. Playing with these games is just great!

Infinity Reels slots are packed with special features. The most important one is the added reel on the right every time you hit a win. That is accompanied by many others: buy-a-bonus feature, free spins bonus, free spins gamble, x888 jackpot and symbol multipliers. There’s no chance you will get bored here!

This innovative slots engine has been invented by the Australian provider ReelPlay. The series debuted in 2020 with the release of El Dorado Infinity Reels.

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