Our complete guide to Megaquads Slots

In the universe of online gaming, Megaquads Slots are one of the latest innovations. Big Time Gaming, inventors of Megaways, Megapays and Megaclusters, pulled it off once again, creating yet another special engine for new online slots.

This time they have called the new slot mechanic Megaquads. The number 4 is hidden in the word itself and is immediately found upon opening the games in the series. This time you will play with 4 independent slots running simultaneously! Stay with us and read our guide to these new online slots. You will learn all about their innovative functions, special features, and winning potential of more than 16 million winning ways!

Play Megaquads Slots Real Money in Top Slots Sites

Megaquads Slots are the latest innovative games in the online slots market. What we like about these games is their innovative power and the way they change our way of perceiving online gaming. With every new release, our gaming experience becomes just so exciting!

Of course, in order to have a great gaming experience, you need to use a 100% safe and trustworthy online casino. The site you will choose also needs to be innovative in terms of design, UX and selection of games. On top of that, it needs to be licensed and have a rock-solid customer service.

If you don’t know where to start, you can read our guide to top new slots sites. These online casinos are selected by our team of experts for their outstanding qualities, competitive bonuses for playing slots, and their security. You can read our reviews and find out all details about these innovative casino sites. And, of course, pick the one that perfectly suits your style!

Best Casino Sites to Play Megaquads Slots Explained

Casino bonuses updated on the: Jun 15, 2024
+ 100% Bonus up to €/$123 and 10% Cashback Always!
100% UP TO €/$111
+111 Free Spins & 10% Cashback Always!
+10% Cashback Always on lost deposits!

Best Megaquads Slots

Megaquads Slots is a brand new series of innovative games, developed by Big Time Gaming. This is the same Australian slot provider which invented Megaways Slots, Megaclusters Slots, and Megapays Slots. They have a reputation for delivering cutting-edge technology for innovative online slots.

After the huge success of Megaways, they have created more innovative engines, one of the latest is Megaquads.

What are the best Megaquads Slots? At the moment, the series counts just one game: SlotVegas Megaquads. Set on the Vegas Strip, this game has all the features of typical BTG releases: a great soundtrack, distinctive visuals and animations, and a brand new slot math model.

We will update our list of top Megaquads Slots as soon as they appear on the market. For now, we recommend you read our full review and try our free demo. then you will be able to decide if you want to try the fast-paced action of the new Megaquads engine for real money.

Slot Vegas Megaquads

Slot Vegas Megaquads is the debut of the Megaquads series in the online gaming world. Released in 2020, this is the first game in the brand new family of online slots. We are waiting to see what else BTG has in store for us!

Upon opening the game, you will quickly realise what’s new. The game displays 4 different mini-slots which run simultaneously during each single spin. The 4 little slot run independently, however, they also have the chance to connect and create a win potential of up to 16 millions winning ways!

As you might imagine, the backdrop Slot Vegas Megaquads is set upon is.. yes, Vegas. You will see palm trees, the Strip and the silhouette of the most famous casinos in the world. Bright colours, idiosyncratic symbols and animations, and a funky soundtrack contribute to create a fantastic gaming experience. Perfectly BTG style.

How to start playing Megaquads Slots Real Money in minutes

Megaquads Slots explained

Now let’s get to the point of this guide and see how Megaquads actually work. Let’s start from basegame:

  • 4 slots running at the same time: you might guess it from the “quad” in the name of the engine, the game area here is composed of 4 different slots. Each one is independent and has its own results.
  • 256 ways to win: this is the potential number of ways each individual slot has in store for you. collectively they offer up to 1024 winning ways every time you hit the Spin button.
  • Adjacent symbols create wins: as in Megaways Slots, two or more adjacent symbols create a. winning combo.
  • Rainbow Wild: look for this special symbol, it will create very good conditions for you to cash in a big prize. We will explain how later on.

As just mentioned, one of the most important symbols during basegame is the Rainbow Wild. This is how Megaquads differentiate from other technologies using the 4 mini-slots set up. Thanks to this special kind of Wilds, slots merge horizontally and vertically, and they unlock the potential for up to 16.777.216 ways to win during the free spins bonus round!

Free Spins and other Special Features

Now you understand the main features of basegame, which is interesting thanks to the 4 slots set-up. Now let’s have a look at free spins, and how Big Time Gaming created a system with a potential for more than 16 million winning ways.

  • Rainbow Wild: this is a key feature in Megaquads slots. The reason for it being so important is in its potential for creating more winning ways. Rainbow Wilds, in fact, merge two of the four mini-slots horizontally (either the upper ones or the lower ones). This results in a 4×8 grid, with up to 65.536 winning ways.
  • Free Spins Bonus Round: the special feature is triggered when 4 or more scatters land anywhere in view (this means they can land in one single slot, or in 4 different ones). When the magic happens, the 4 slots merge vertically, creating 2 slots, each with a win potential of 4.096 winning ways.
  • Rainbow Wilds + Free Spins: now it’s time to get to the hot spot of the Megaquads engine. With free spins active, there is a chance of increasing win potential even more. This happens when Rainbow Wilds land on both slots. The whole gaming area merges, creating an 8×8 grid slot. This is great as it. unlocks the complete wen potential of these games: 16.777.216 winning ways!

These are the basics of Megaquads Slots, an innovative slots engine we have seen at work only with one example, Slot Vegas Megaquads. We are looking forward to seeing what BTG has in store for us and understanding the potential of Megaquads with other games.

List of Megaquads Slots

As mentioned above, for now, there is only one title in the whole Megaquads series. This. is a brand new slot engine that has been developed in 2020. Novelty and innovation in online slots are already here, thanks to the work of companies such as Big Time Gaming, Relax Gaming, or ReelPlay (the inventors of Infinity Reels Slots).

Stay tuned and we will update the list of new releases in the Megaquads Series.


What we are passionate about is new online slots. We love games that use cutting-edge technology for creating compelling gaming experiences.

This is the reason why we love Megaquads Slots and we highly recommend them. At the moment the new series of innovative slots count only one title, Slot Vegas Megaquads. We love the way Big Time Gaming has delivered a completely new gaming experience while keeping a visual approach that reassures slots fans.

Thanks to the 4 slots that run independently and simultaneously, Rainbow Wilds and the Free Spins bonus round, the Australian provider has delivered a new slots engine with more than 16 million winning ways. We are looking forward to playing with more slots in the series!

Megaquads Slots – F.A.Q.

You can play Megaquads Slots for real money in top online casinos. Our team of experts is constantly trying and testing online casino sites where you can play with real money in a 100% safe environment. At the moment, we believe that All British Casino, Fun Casino, and Race Casino are the best ones for playing innovative slots like Megaquads.

These slots are great because we have never seen anything like them! Megaquads work with an unexpected setup: 4 mini-slots run at the same time. They can merge horizontally thanks to the Rainbow Wild special symbol. They can merge vertically as well during free spins. This way, they unlock a potential of up to 16.777.216 winning ways.

At the moment there is just one slot in the whole series (this is how new these slots are). the Return to Player of Star Vegas Megaquads is 96.54%, an average one compared to industry standards.

As mentioned earlier, so far there is only one slot in the series: Slot Vegas Megaquads. We are looking forward to playing with more slots using the Megaquads technology!

Yes, you can. You can use free spins bonus, match bonus, cashback bonus, and more. In order to do that, you have to sign up to an online casino. On our page you will find our list of recommendations, take a look and read our full reviews, you might find the perfect slot site.

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