What is Slingo?

Slingo, as the name suggests, is a combination between a slot machine and a bingo game. Many call it Slingo Bingo, but this is much more than a twist of an online bingo game.

It has become hugely popular among players in the UK precisely because it combines the best elements of online slots and bingo.

This series of games has started a few years back, and is very popular among players of all ages. It is much played on social media and Slingo sister sites, the most popular title being Slingo Riches. This is the game where the success of the series began, there are now more than 30 Slingo Originals.

Best Online Casinos for Playing Slingo Real Money

Slingo is one of the most popular games in top online casino sites in the UK. This is because the game is highly entertaining and offers a fantastic gaming experience.

Our goal is to provide you with expert reviews of the best Slingo Sites so that you don’t need to waste time and money looking for the best one.

What do our experts look for when reviewing online casinos for you? They select 100% trustable online casinos (obviously holding a UKGB license), where your deposits are safe and in good hands.

They also look at sites that offer the best possible gaming experience, including a wide selection of games, with top usability from all devices. Finally, they also look at the most competitive bonuses and promotions out there, so you don’t miss an opportunity!

The game has become so popular thanks to its many successful ingredients. First of all, it has a fantastic graphic design and an impeccable user experience on all devices. Secondly, because it combines the fast gameplay typical of new slot machines with the excitement of bingo. And last, but not least, because it offers players plenty of opportunities to gain big wins!

Play Slingo with Bonus

As we’ve mentioned above, this is now one of the most popular games in the UK, scoring a very high appreciation rate among players. Many fans of the game like playing Slingo Games free, with bonus codes or no deposit bonuses.

What does playing free Slingo games mean? Until not long ago, players were offered the chance of playing free with a demo, no registration or deposit required. Recent developments in the UK Gambling regulations have resulted in demos being banned. They are now illegal for British players.

What to do then if a player is interested in play Slingo for free? One possibility lies in registering in one of the best online casino sites and access free Slingo games with a bonus.

What does playing with a bonus mean? Put it simply, many online casino sites offer new players (and regular players alike) bonuses and special offers for playing casino games for free – among those, it is possible to select Slingo Originals.

The bonuses available to players in the UK are many, the most popular for playing for free are the ones available at the registration: it is possible to play Slingo for free with free spins no deposit, or with a no deposit bonus.

How to play Slingo Real Money?

1. Pick one among our recommended online casinos

In order to play Slingo Real Money you have to choose your gaming destination. We recommend you pick one of the online casinos selected by our team of experts. You can read our reviews. and find out all their features, then choose the perfect one for your gaming style.

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2. Complete the Registration Process

Once you have chosen the perfect online casino for playing this exiting game the registration process starts. If you use Trustly you will be able to skip all that. If you don’t, no worries. The whole process takes just a few minutes.

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3. Deposit and collect your Bonus

If you’re planning to play real money you will need to make a deposit. This is a fast and secure operation: you have to pick one of the available payment methods (Trustly, credit cards, e-wallets etc.) and your account will be recharged immediately. This is the point when you can collect your welcome bonus, enjoy!

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4. Try your favourite Slingo Game free with Demo (optional)

Now you are all set for playing real money. However, if you have never tried Slingo before, we recommend you read our full review first. Also, you have the chance of trying the game for free with demo. This way you can completely understand how it works before you start betting real money.


5. Enjoy Slingo Real Money

The only thing left to do now is enjoying Slingo Real money! Play responsibly and enjoy yourself with one of the most exiting games available in top online casinos.

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Being a combination of online slot machines and online bingo, this is not a difficult game to play. Let’s have a quick look at the basic rules on which the game runs.

In this type of game, the goal is completing a five-in-a-row combination from the 5×5 grid. The more 5 in a row combinations the player manages to achieve by the end of the game, the bigger the prize. Of course, the biggest prize is earned when the entire card is filled with stars, exactly like in bingo.

How to play? This is very simple. When you open the game you’ll find yourself in front of a 5×5 grid, with 5 slots at the bottom for the extracted numbers.

Each column features numbers from the 75-ball Bingo layout:

  • 1st column: numbers 1-15
  • 2nd column: numbers 16-30
  • 3rd column: numbers 31-45
  • 4th column: numbers 46-60
  • 5th column: numbers 61-75

On the right side of the reels, you can see the number of spins available to you and the stakes at play. Slingo Riches, the first in the Original Series (and the most famous game among players) allows for 11 spins per game, more spins can be bought if the player runs out before completing the grid.

They will have a special price, which will be declared before you decide whether you want to continue or not. Other games have a different setting and offer a specific number of spins.

Playing this game is as simple as spinning a slot machine. During each spin five different numbers will fall at the bottom of the grid – if they match one or more symbols on the reels, one or more stars are achieved. Get five stars in a row to score and win a prize.

Special Symbols: Jokers, Devils and Coins

All games run on a different theme, usually a variation of Slingo Riches, the first and most popular game in the series.

Despite the differences in setting, design, and background, most games work on the same mechanic and offer the same setting for your gameplay.

Let’s have a look at the most common features of the game, starting from special symbols:

  • JOKER: this acts as a Wild in a slot machine. When it lands in one or more columns, you can mark off any number in the same column. Jokers help you immensely by creating five-in-a-row combinations.
  • SUPER JOKER: these symbols are even more powerful than simple jokers, as they can be placed anywhere in the grid. This allows you to mark off any number in the grid and achieve a 5-in-a-row more easily.
  • DEVIL: the devil is another funky symbol in the game, one that you do not want on your reels. This blocks any potential matching by stopping the game at the very moment it appears on your grid.
  • COIN: the coin is the luckiest symbol of all! When it lands on your reels, it instantly awards a cash prize proportional to your stake.
  • FREE SPINS: another lucky symbol in the game. As the name suggests, free spins award one extra spin that can be played at the end of the game.

These are the main special symbols you can find during gameplay. There are more details you should know! Three jokers or super jokers at the same time award an instant cash prize.

It’s not all about luck

What we like about the game is that there is a certain degree of decision-making to it. The game is mostly based on luck, but there are a few choices you can make, they surely contribute to the final outcome of the game!

Decision-making is involved when you have to place your jokers or super jokers on the reels. This is not always an easy task, never forget the goal of this game is completing the highest number of 5-in-a-row combinations within the given spins.

Other choices you’ll be invited to make concern the purchase of more spins at the end of the game. A limited number of extra spins can be bought, sometimes this can be convenient if you are close to making a Slingo. However, this remains optional, each time the game will tell you the price of a given extra spin, based on your stakes and your chances of winning a prize.

Top Slingo Games

Want to try this exciting game, but you’re not sure where to start from? Here is a list of all Slingo games, and a selection of the Top 3 you absolutely have to try! They are the most popular among players in our favorite online casinos.

Don’t forget that these slots are innovative games, a mix of slot machine fast gameplay and bingo unpredictability. This is perfect for players who are bored of the same logic and are willing to try a new exciting experience.


Slingo Riches is the first and most famous Original ever released. This game revisits the Irish riches theme, you will try your luck in the land of the Leprechaun!

This is the most popular game in the series, thanks to its incredible design and its potential for big wins. The game presents all features that are now trademarks of the game, like jokers, super jokers, devils, coins, instant cash prizes, and much more!

If you are looking for the original experience you found your gaming destination here! This is the first and best Slingo game available to players


This game is one of the latest in the series, you will feel it at first glance by looking at the 3D-like graphics and animations. the fresh approach to this game makes it absolutely unique and one of the most popular among players!

Slingo Wild Adventure is set in a Medieval castle, its characters are knights, princesses kings, and witches. All the elements of the famous game are here, with a new approach to make the game really special!


Branded games are among the favorites of players in the UK. This is because these games mix a familiar brand with a new setting, giving players the pleasure of re-discovering classic worked in a new key.

No surprise then if Deal or No Deal Slingo is one of the most liked in the Originals series! The game offers all the great ingredients of the original TV show, including 22 boxes, a different set of prizes, and a final call by the mysterious banker!

List of all Slingo Games

Slingo Riches was the first game to be released in this series of games, which counts now more than 30 titles.

Here is a complete list of all Slingo games, with related basic info. Have a look and make sure you have not missed a single one!

Game RTP Volatility Extra Spins Bonus Game
Slingo Starburst 96.5% 2/5 configurable yes
Slingo Reel King 95% 2/5 no no
Slingo Lightning 95% 2/5 unlimited no
Slingo Fluffy Favourite 95.5% 4/5x unlimited yes
Deal or No Deal Slingo 95% 2-4/5 unlimited yes
Slingo Riches 95% 1/5 4 no
Slingo Rainbow Riches 95.6% 3/5 unlimited yes
Slingo Extreme 95% 2/5 8 no
Slingo Lucky Streak 95% 4/5 configurable no
Slingo Ante Up 94.9% – 97.1% configurable configurable no
Monopoly Slingo 95.3% configurable configurable yes
Slingo Xing Yun Xian 95% 3/5 8 no
Slingo Classic 95% 3/5 8 no
Slingo Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania 95% 3/5 8 no

Who is Gaming Realm?

The story of this game is rather complex, what you need to know is that the original version of Slingo was created 25 years ago, at the time the internet did not exist. The game, however, has been around in traditional casinos since 1994, with great success!

The company developing these games has been sold and re-sold several times during the years, what is interesting is knowing that its online version is now in the hands of Gaming Realm, a British software provider which has made Slingo big among players in the UK and around the world.

The company has taken the gaming experience to a new level, developing high-quality, reliable games that are now appreciated in the best online casino sites online. Their technology has taken the game one step further, bringing the classic game to all devices, including small screens like smartphones and tablets.

F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions

Slingo is an online game which mixes the fast gameplay of slot machines with the excitement of Bingo!

According to our team of Slingo experts, the best Slingo Sites are Fun Casino, All British Casino, and

Slingo is easy to play, as it combines with simple rules and no strategy. Players spin a 5×5 slingo bingo grid, the goal of the game is to mark off the number on the grid and get 5-in-a-row combinations.

The game is available in the best Slingo Casinos. We recommend a list of the best Slingo Sites, like Fun Casino,, and All British Casino.

The most popular releases in the Slingo Originals series are Slingo Reaches, Deal or no Deal Slingo, Slingo Wild Adventures and Monopoly Slingo.

Yes, slingo is available in Slingo sites for free or real money with bonus. It works like any other online casino game available in trustworthy casino sites

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