Monopoly Slingo RTP and Slingo Overview

Title Monopoly Slingo
Return To Player 95.3%
Spins 7-8
Bet Range 0,20/25
Volatility configurable
Extra Spins unlimited
Bonus Game yes

Monopoly Slingo is an extremely fun combination of three games: Slots, Bingo, and of course the Monopoly board game! This Slingo has a classic 5×5 grid. On its sides, we see the famous Monopoly city represented on the board game with all the stops we should all remember from it: stations, boulevards, and roads. On the left-hand side of the board, we see the prize ladder. As in other Slingo Originals, you must climb it up to reach the Full House.

Monopoly Slingo basegame

In order to move up the ladder, you have to mark entire rows on the board. This means you have to mark off 5 horizontal, vertical, or diagonal numbers of the same row by matching numbers with the ones appearing randomly on your reel. Of course is not just a 100% matter of luck, when special symbols land on the reel, you can decide which number to mark off the grid. Even if relevant strategies can’t be applied, you may find some moves much more interesting than others. Let’s see what specials symbols stand for and learn how to play Monopoly Slingo.

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Monopoly Slingo Features

Monopoly Slingo
  • Bonus Property: the board is composed of 26 cards, only one of them is the Bonus property card. Land on this to be awarded an instant cash prize, multiplied by your stake!
  • Joker: landing on a joker triggers a quick bonus game. 9 cards are dealt and shuffled, each showing a property or an instant cash prize. You have to randomly pick one, which will award the instant prize. Alternatively, you will move on the board to the picked property. 
  • Chance or Community Chest: if you land on them you could be greeted by the following surprises: cash prize, get out of jail or jail free, move forward to other positions on the board.
  • Jail: as in the board game, if you don’t have a “get out of jail” card, you need to roll a double to escape or wait for 3 rolls.
Monopoly Slingo community chest

Extra spins on Monopoly Slingo

Roll the dices and advance on the board. If you land on a property, all cards on the board of the same color will be marked with a star. Each time you roll a double you will be awarded a Free Spin! If the 7 or 8 regular rolls are over without reaching a Full House you can buy extra free rolls in order to complete the board with stars, reach Full House, and cash in the higher prize. Extra spin’s cost will be displayed so you can choose your moves depending on your budget.

User-Defined Volatility

In addition to what we have just said, the volatility of this game is configurable at the beginning of every session. This allows players to choose whether play low volatility (cash in more often but with smaller prizes) or high volatility (cash in less often with bigger prizes). Choose a shiny pawn as follows:

  • Dog: low volatility, 8 rolls, 4 extra rolls
  • Car: medium volatility, 7 rolls, 6 extra rolls
  • Ship: medium-high volatility, 7 rolls, 8 extra rolls
  • T-Rex: high volatility, 7 rolls, infinite extra rolls

Playing real money

This game can be played real money only in the best Casinos such as: Race Casino, Fun Casino, Yako Casino, Yeti Casino, CasinoCasino and so many more! In every safe site, you will find competitive bonuses and great client support. Above all, each site offers the latest version of every best game released by the most famous developer. Don’t miss the chance to try games such as Megaways slots like Bonanza, or Infinity Reel slots like El Dorado, Giza Infinity, and of course every other Slingo game of the series such as Slingo Extreme, Slingo Riches and so many more!

Monopoly Slingo bonus


This Slingo Original is a real gem of the Slingo Originals series. It is a very engaging game and an amazing result of a partnership between SG Digital and Hasbro Inc. If you played the board game once, you just cannot miss trying the many virtual versions you can find in the best Casinos. The fact that you can choose the volatility of the game, makes it interesting to any player (even high rollers!). Choose from 0,20£/€ to 25,00£/€ base stake and move up the prize ladder following Mr. Monopoly’s ride!

Monopoly Slingo – F.A.Q.

This is a mix of Slots and Bingo developed by Slingo Originals (SG Digital) and Hasbro. The game is inspired by the legendary monopoly table game.

The Return to Player of Monopoly Slingo is 95.3%.

Slingo is a mixed word of “Slot” and “Bingo” and its features take a bit from both games!

Monopoly Slingo is perfect for every player since its Bets range between £/€0,20 and £/€25.

Special features of Monopoly Slingo are extra rolls,bonus property, chance or community chest and above all you have the chance to change the volatility of the game.

The best sites where you can play this Slingo Original title an many other top new Slingo Originals are Casinos that havecompetitive bonuses, great customer support and above all are 100% safe.

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