Slingo Advace RTP and Overview

Title Slingo Advance
Return To Player 95%
Spins 10
Bet Range 0,20/25
Volatility 2/5
Extra Spins 8
Bonus Game no

If you already know how to play classic Bingo and online slot games, it will be easy for you to understand the basic rules of a Slingo game, which is in fact, a mix of those two highly entertaining products. But if you take a look at this retro computer-style game, you will see that it’s mechanic is different from the majority of Slingo Originals titles. As a matter of fact, Slingo Advance adds a few extra rules that maximise the engagement, and at the same time, help you win extra prizes.

Slingo Advance basegame

Set in outer space, in a cybernetic wasteland, the grid shows 25 random numbers that you will be matching to complete win lines and level up until the full house prize. Read on to learn tricks on how to collect prizes and discover all the special features of this Slingo. Finally, check our recommendations on where to play real money after trying the Free Play Demo here!

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How to play Slingo Advance

Firstly, set your bet range at the beginning of your session as you would do on any other Slingo game. Here you can choose from a minimum of 0,20£/€ to a maximum of 25£/€. Secondly. select your favorite betting options on the play controls panel (number of extra spins, max extra spin price, total single game stake, or total single game loss). Finally, like in every Slingo, press the spin button and wait until 5 random numbers appear on your reel. Those numbers may or may not match the numbers on the gird above.

On Slingo Advance, it doesn’t take only this effort to complete lines. Why? See the level ladder on the right side of the grid? Those 5 levels need to be unlocked in order to use numbers from each of their corresponding lines. Starting from level 1 you will need to match only numbers appearing on that level, and this rule applies to every further level. Hence, to complete Slingos (win lines) you have to mark off 5 consecutive numbers horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. More features await, and we’ll talk about them in a sec. Let’s see what you have to do to move up the level ladder.

Slingo Advance winline

Unlock levels to reach Full House

In order to unlock levels, you must find a match of a number of your reel with one on the gird. Level 1 is the starting level so you access it as the game starts. To unlock other levels you must do as follows:

  • Level 2: match at least 1 number in row 1
  • Level 3: match at least 2 numbers in row 2
  • Level 4: match at least 3 numbers in row 3
  • Level 5: match at least 3 numbers in row 4
Slingo Advance match three

Special symbols that help the matching

As well as regular numbers, symbols will appear randomly on your reel and will help you on marking off numbers from the grid. Most of them are residents of any Slingo Originals like Book of Slingo, Slingo Reel King, Slingo Classic, Slingo Riches, and many others. But on this game, there’s a new entry. Here is how they do their magic:

  • Joker: allows you to mark off any number (only on unlocked levels) that stands above itself
  • Super Joker: allows you to mark off any number of any unlocked level
  • Free Spin: awards you an extra free spin
  • Pyramid: this symbol is specifically designed for this Slingo and will unlock the next level even if you haven’t completed any match.

Prices and Free Spins

In addition to special symbols, each match you achieve will reveal a star with a prize amount attached, and the prizes you win at each level are multipliers of your base stake starting from x0,01 on level 1 and respectively grow x0,2, x0,5, x1, x5. Moreover, each time you unlock a level you will be entitled to one extra spin.

Slingo Advance Jackpots

Not only the prices, when reaching the 5th level you can maximize your wins thanks to 5 Jackpots. In order to trigger the Jackpot award you must mark off consecutive numbers as follows:

  • 5 numbers vertically: awards you with x50 your bet
  • 5 numbers diagonally: awards you with x100 your bet
  • 5 numbers forming the letter X: awards you with x1.000 your bet
  • 5 numbers forming the letter T: awards you with x2.500 your bet
  • 10 Slingos: awards you with x10.000 your bet

Our verdict

As a matter of fact, this game has just a little bit in common with most of Slingo Originals titles. Even if the setting looks similar, special features and rules give the game a big twist. The player’s engagement reaches the highest level due to the goals to reach. Prices await at each spin as well as 5 Jackpot available, which is definitely a plus.

Even though the graphic is amazing, we didn’t find the gameplay very responsive, in fact, it takes some time before you see a reaction after one spin. By the way, this is definitely a great product, especially if you give it more than one try. Finally, the RTP of this game is 95% which is very good, volatility is low, which means that you win small prizes more often!

Slingo Advance – F.A.Q.

Find this game and play it with real money only in secure Casino like Yeti Casino, Fun Casino, and Race Casino.

Special features of Slingo Advance are: Jokers, SuperJokers, Level unblocking symbols and free spins. You can also win Jackpots by completing Slingos in new ways.

The minimum bet is 0,20£/€ and the maximum bet is 25£/€.

Accordingly with the regular game, RTP is 95% but can change depending on the extra spins collected and levels unblocked.

Initial spins are 10 but you can win extra spins or buy more at the end of the session.

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