Slingo Ante Up RTP and Overview

Title Slingo Ante Up
Return To Player 94.9%-97.1%
Spins configurable
Bet Range 0,20/250
Volatility user-defined
Extra Spins configurable
Bonus Game no

If you haven’t played at Slingo Ante Up already, you will now know that is quite different from other titles. This is a very simple Slingo Originals game. What makes this game special is the choices you have over the regular spins. If you had the chance to try many Slingo games you may know how they work by heart. 10 spins to complete Slingos, moving up the ladder to reach the final cash prize, and so on…

Slingo Ante Up basegame

Here you have the same exact features as in classic Slingo Originals, but different! The grid is composed of its regular 5×5 setting. On the left side of the screen, you see the prize ladder, the reel is in place at the bottom of the grid but on the right side of the screen, you can …change the number of spins! The total bet changes to reflect your chances to win and the base stake selected. You can opt from 9 to 16 spins (classic Slingo games have 10). Once you’ve chosen your bet size and total spins, you are ready to go!

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Slingo Ante Up Features

They can be showing up with Joker’s hats or be represented by shapes and characters of all kinds, but special symbols of Slingo Originals are always the cherry on the pie of each game. Special symbols such as wilds and free spins are handy symbols falling on your reel that help you mark off numbers on the grid in order to complete Slingos horizontally, vertically, diagonally. In this “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” scenario, special symbols are as follows:

  • Wild: a joker symbol is the J letter. It lands on the reel and lets you mark off a number from the column above it
  • Super Joker: lets you eliminate a number from anywhere in the grid
  • Free Spin: awards an extra spin
  • Blocker: it blocks any occurring match
Slingo Ante Up Triple Slingo

Extra spins …backward

As we said, here at Slingo Ante Up, the extra spins are determined at the beginning of the game instead of at the end. The volatility of the game can be determined by the spins you decide to get, the RTP stays between 95 and 97%. Wagering limits are min 0,20£/€ and max 250£/€. The maximum win is x500 your stake.


We are still a bit surprised by the choice of making this kind of Slingo. It doesn’t really offer great possibilities besides choosing the spins at the beginning of the game. There is no bonus feature. Even if we played many times, we still haven’t got a chance to see the Super Wild in action. Of course, this game is for players who don’t want to waste time on the fun part of the game and look straight to the winning possibilities. If you are a high roller you can definitely try high wagering and see if Lady Luck gets on your side. But to be honest, we encourage new players to try this game on a demo version to be confident on the budget to use before playing real money.

Slingo Ante Up – F.A.Q.

There are many safe and honest sites where you can play Slingo Ante Up and all other top new Slingo Originals. We recommend these Casino Sites because they offer the latest releases,competitive bonuses and great customer support.

The Return to Player is approximately 95% depending on the extra spins you can reach 97.1%.

Slingo is a Portmenteau word. The developers of this game combined the “Slot” and the “Bingo” game features to create this brand new mechanic, which got the name from combining the two games’ name. Slingo is, in fact, a mix of Slots and Bingo!

Slingo Ante Up does not include bonus games but you can get extra spins.

Here at Slingo Ante Up you can decide how many spins you want to take. You’ll select the amount at the very beginning of the game, each amount has it’s own pricing.

Bet range at Slingo Lucky Streak starts from 0,20£/€ to 25£/€.

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