Slingo Extreme RTP and Overview

Title Slingo Extreme
Return To Player 95%
Spins 11
Bet Range 0,50/100
Volatility 2/5
Extra Spins 8
Bonus Game no

Slingo is one of the most popular games in all top UK online casinos right now, here is the review of Slingo Extreme. This game follows the classic Slingo scheme, offering the classic match between slots and Bingo. Keep reading and dive into our full review, where our team of experts explains all you need to know about this game, including special symbols, jokers, and instant cash prizes! You have set your mind on Slingo Extreme, the hottest Slingo version available to players right now. Well, what you need now is a trustworthy and licensed online casino for playing Slingo real money

Slingo Extreme basegame

Our team of Slingo experts is constantly trying and testing new online casino sites. Here they offer their weekly selection. These online casinos have been cherry-picked for their outstanding qualities: they hold licenses from the UK Gambling Commission, hence they are 100% safe. They offer a complete selection of Slingo games that new players can enjoy with their competitive welcome bonuses. 

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Slingo Extreme: feel the heat

This is a faster and hotter version of Slingo Riches, the iconic Slingo Game. Slingo Extreme covers the classic once again, offering a red hot version of it. Surely this is one of the most popular games in all UK online casinos right now. Feel the heat with an increased jackpot of x500 the stake, instant cash prizes, and faster gameplay!

This version of Slingo offers all the basic features you have already tried with previous releases. You can feel the comfort of knowing how the game works, while the excitement of the new pumped-up version kicks in. 

Let’s have a look at all the features that you need to know about this game. We recommend you play responsibly, inform yourself about rules and strategies before you start playing (especially if you’re planning to play real money). 

Slingo Extreme winline

Slingo Extreme: Basic Rules

Slingo Extreme is an extreme version of Slingo Riches, with the same rules and gameplay of other similar titles. What changes here is the color palette, the increased speed of gameplay, and the jackpot of up to x500 the stake. 

We understand there might still be some who never played Slingo before (really?), so here is a quick guide: 

  • Slingo is a fast-paced game that combines Slots and Bingo. The game is composed of 11 spins plus 8 extra spins you might want to buy when the first round is over. 
  • At each spin, a set of numbers will appear at the bottom of the grid. If they match with any on the top column the connected number on the grid will be marked by a star
  • 5 or more matching stars create a SLINGO!
  • Each time you hit a Slingo the bar on the left-hand side of the reels will illuminate, showing the connected prize. The ultimate goal is to get to FULL HOUSE and win the whole jackpot!

Special Symbols and Strategy

While you play Slingo Extreme you will notice a few special symbols appearing on the wheel. They are mostly lucky symbols, which award instant prizes or extra chances to hit a Slingo! Let’s have a look at those: 

  • Joker: it allows you to mark any number on the column it appears on. This is the equivalent of a wild symbol in slot machines. 
  • Devils: this symbol blocks any possible win on the matching column.
  • Free Spin: this lucky symbol instantly awards a Free Spin (all available free spins are marked on the right-hand side of the play area)
  • Coin: this is the luckiest symbol because it awards an instant cash prize. 
  • Super Joker: it allows to mark any number on the grid, no matter where!

How to use these best? One of the most common winning strategies for being successful at Slingo is being careful while picking the lucky number the joker will match. Always try to select numbers that will simultaneously create more than one Slingo. Alternatively, pick one that sits on more than one winning line: usually this is the case for corners or central positions.

Slingo Extreme features

Joker Bonus

This special feature is triggered when 3 or more joker symbols appear on the wheel. They can appear anywhere on the wheel, the only condition being they are there, smiling at you, during the same spin. The lucky combination awards an instant cash prize.

Collect or Buy More Spins

At the end of the first 11 spins you will be confronted with a choice: will you collect your prize or will you try betting for higher wins? The screen will offer this opportunity. If you click COLLECT you will simply cash in on the prize you won. 

If, on the other hand, you decide to continue playing, the game will highlight in green the number you need for completing the grid (the goal here is completing the grid and get a full house, remember?) They state the highest prize you might win and the prize of each spin you might want to be. The higher the opportunity of cashing in a big win, the higher the price of the spin! You have a total of 8 extra spins you can play. 

If the price of the spin is quite high compared to the stake, you will get a warning message like the one you see above. We always recommend you play responsibly. 

Our opinions

Slingo Extreme is a fast-paced Slingo game with one of the hottest themes you will find in the whole series. Its faster gameplay and increased total jackpot of up to x500 the stake make it a really attractive alternative to other classic Slingo games. 

Slingo Extreme – F.A.Q.

According to our team of experts, top online casinos for playing Slingo Extreme Real Money are Fun Casino, All British Casino and

This is a faster and hotter version of classic Slingo, which offers an increased jackpot of x500 the stake.

Return to Player is 95%.

This game works with the same basic rules of the iconic Slingo Riches. However, the pace of gameplay is faster and there is an increased jackpot of 500x the stake. On top of that the skin of the game has a theme!

Slingo extreme offers 11 regular spins plus a maximum of 8 free spins.

Yes, Slingo Extreme works like every other game available in trustworthy Casino Sites.

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