Slingo Fortunes RTP and Overview

Title Slingo Fortunes
Return To Player 95%
Spins 10
Bet Range 1/100
Volatility 3/5
Extra Spins unlimited
Bonus Game no

Slingo Fortunes has a distinctive design that will take us to the Far East. The playability of this game is simple and direct and is very similar to another very famous title of the Slingo Originals series. In fact, if you are a fan of the Deal or No Deal TV show and tried the homonym Slingo game, you should be playing this eastern version effortlessly. The mechanic is the same as the show, you choose a mystery envelope and then gamble until you’ve been asked to make a choice. The engagement is pretty high since this is not one of those games where you only stare at the screen while the RNG does the rest.

Slingo Fortunes basegame

It’s worth knowing that the Fortunes series is already well famous thanks to many Slot machine versions. But each game has its own rules and style. This instead is much more like the mainstream show game, it just changes the style and a few features and prizes. Let’s discover more about it and find out the best online casinos where to play real money.

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How to play Slingo Fortunes

Start the game by choosing your bet which ranges from 1£/€ to 100£/€. You will here be asked to pick a lucky envelope that will be stored for the moment so you won’t see its hidden prize. Once you’ve made a choice, the game starts as a regular Slingo. In order to move up the prize boost ladder on the left side of the grid, you must mark off 5 horizontal, vertical, and diagonal numbers. To mark them off you need to match numbers from the grid with the ones appearing on the reel you spin.

Slingo Fortunes lucky envelope

In this game, you are entitled to 10 initial spins. Each spin will make 5 random numbers and symbols land on the reel. When luck strikes, you will match some of those random numbers with the ones above and collect their hidden price. Special symbols are also very helpful since they allow you to make some more matches. We will talk about them shortly.

Once you complete at least 4 lines, you will start receiving offers that you can accept, decline, or you can just keep spinning. If you choose to continue, you’ll be made an offer after each spin based on the prize values remaining. When moving up the ladder, each step will multiply the value of all remaining prizes. Reaching the top (Full House) means that you’ll win the prize in your envelope x20.

Slingo Fortunes double slingo

Special symbols

On the left and right sides of the grid, there are various numbers displayed. Those are the prizes you will collect along the way each time you mark off a number. The price depends on your initial bet. In fact, each star hides the amount you are going to reveal thanks to the matches. The rules apply with every number or special symbol that helps a match.

  • Joker: opens any envelope in the column it appears in
  • Super Joker: opens any envelope in the entire grid
  • Free Spin: adds an extra spin to your total
  • Devil: blocks potential matches on the grid

Extra Spins

Extra spins can be collected during the game but you can also purchase extra spin to complete your game successfully. Be aware though that, as in most Slingo games like Slingo XXXtreme, Slingo Lightning, or Slingo Centurion, the extra spins price will increase depending on the grid position and potential prizes. Also, the price may exceed your base stake. You can always control the limits of extra spins on the play control area before you start playing.

Fortunes Offer

Slingo Fortunes offer unlocked

As we previously mentioned, this bonus unlocks when you complete 4 Slingos. If you obtain more than 4 lines, you will be collecting multipliers from 2x to 20x, on which the former applies to the 5th line, then x3, x4, x5, x6, x7, and the ladder to the Full House. When you receive a bonus offer you have 3 options:

  • Accept: take the Fortunes Offer
  • Decline open pick: Oper your envelope and collect the value inside
  • Spin: continue the game, no strings attached

When choosing to spin, offers will appear after each spin and will be based on the prize values remaining in the game. Of course, when reaching the Full House you will collect the bigger price, which is the amount hidden in your envelope x20.

Slingo Fortunes offer

Our verdict

This 5×5 Slingo game is more interactive than others thanks to the Fortunes Offer bonus feature. It offers good winning possibilities thanks to its medium volatility model. The RTP stays at 95% even when buying extra spins. It really stands out for its simple design and mechanic.

Unfortunately, it looks too much like the yet famous Deal or No Deal Slingo and even doesn’t present more valuable characteristics. If you haven’t tried the ladder, you will definitely have a nice gaming experience but to be clear, the max win here is 1000x your stake, while on the other is 5000x.

Slingo Fortunes – F.A.Q.

You can play this and many other titles at Yeti Casino, No Bonus Casino, and and at many more New Sites.

Return to Player is 95%, which is a common % for most Slingo Originals titles.

Special features are Jokers, Super Jokers, Extra Spins and Bonus Offers.

Bet ranges from 1£/€ to 100£/€

To access the bonus feature, spin the reels and collect prizes while completing lines. When 4 lines are completed you will access the Fortunes offer which is the bonus feature of this game.

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