Slingo Riches RTP and Overview

Title Slingo Riches
Return To Player 95%
Spins 11
Bet Range 0,50/75
Volatility 1/5
Extra Spins 4
Bonus Game no

Slingo Riches is the first game in the Slingo Original Series. Released in 2015, this is the game that marked the entrance of Slingo in the Online Casino world. Loved by players of all ages, Slingo Riches is the closest in format and design to the first Slingo games.

Slingo Riches basegame

Read our full review and find out all you need to know about this classic yet super-innovative Slingo bingo game. With high RTP (95%), medium variance, and up to 15 spins per game, this title has already become a classic in the online casino world!

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5×5 grid and easy gameplay

Slingo Riches is the first title of the Slingo games ever available to players. It was first released in April 2015, and more than 5 years later it’s still a big hit.

One of the reasons for the success of this game lies in its simplicity. Slingo Riches is straightforward and easy to play, the result of combining two games like Bingo and Online Slot machines couldn’t be different.

When the game starts, the player is confronted with the famous 5×5 grid, which is very close to a bingo card. Here each of the 5 vertical reels includes 15 numbers (es. the first reel displays numbers from 1-15).

At the bottom of the grid is the reel that you will see spinning during gameplay. Here the game will display numbers and the special Slingo Riches symbols, like the Joker, Super Joker, and the Devil (more about them later).

On the left and right sides of the grid are the game settings and controls. You will see the column on the left activating while you score more and more Slingos, it will tell you what kind of prize you’re going to get. On the right, you can see the number of spins and free spins available and your total wins!

Special Symbols: Joker, Super Joker, Coin and Devil

Playing Slingo is really easy, as you will see in a minute. Something really important to understand here is what symbols mean. You can see similar features in other Slingo Originals as Slingo Starburst, Monopoly Slingo, Slingo Rainbow Riches, Slingo Extreme and many more. There are just a few special symbols, and no bonus games or special free spins sessions. As we’ve already mentioned, Slingo Riches is quite straightforward and easy to play.

Let’s have a look at special symbols. These are important because they are repeated in a similar way in other Slingo games, where they cover very similar (or identical) functions.

  • Joker: it covers the function of a Wild symbol in slot machines. When it lands in one of the reels, you can choose to mark off one of the numbers in it.
  • Super Joker: this is an enhanced joker that let you mark off any number in the grid
  • Free Spins: awards one extra spin
  • Coin: immediate cash prize
  • Devil: this is your enemy, the devil stops all potential matches on the grid.

Special symbols can do even more for you. 3 or more Jokers or Super Joker landing on your reels award a cash prize.

Slingo Riches winline

How to play Slingo Riches?

This game has been designed to be very easy to play, combining the most intriguing elements of slot machines and Bingo. Therefore the gameplay is really easy and immersive, as Slingo games are slightly longer than normal slot machines spins.

Every Slingo Riches game includes 11 spins. By spinning the game the lower row of symbols will show random numbers and special symbols, the objective of the game is forming 5-in-a-row combinations. If the number on the lower row corresponds to one number in the grid, it can be marked off. Jokers and super-jokers allow to mark off symbols as well.

Every time you achieve a five-in-a-row combination, a Slingo is achieved and one of the levels on the left side will activate. The higher you get, the big the prize, the best-case scenario is when all symbols are marked off and you reach a Full House!

During each game, there is a chance of earning extra spins, by cashing in on the free spins symbol for example, which awards one extra spin. On top of that, at the end of each game, the system will propose you buy more spins, for a price proportional to your chances of getting a prize. Be careful, the price of these extra spins can exceed your stake.

Final thoughts on Slingo Riches

Slingo Riches is a highly entertaining game, which combines successfully a Bingo game and an online slot machine. This is the first Slingo Originals, where everything started. We highly recommend it for its immersive gameplay, its sleek design, and the perfect gaming experience!

Slingo Riches – F.A.Q.

The best Slingo Sites right now are Fun Casino, Yako Casino, Hyper Casino, Race Casino and All British Casino.

Return to Player is 95%.

The game offers joker symbols, super jokers symbols and instant prizes with coin symbols or three jokers bonus.

Yes, you can do it in the best Slingo Sites we select for you every month. You can also try our free play with demo, no registration and no deposit needed.

Maximum Win at Slingo Riches is x1000 your stake.

Yes, you can win real money when you choose to cash in your stake. The virtual money you have collected during each game will turn into real money, only when playing after depositing at the best online casinos

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